Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tiny turtle saviours in North Cyprus

The marine Turtle conservation project is operating in North Cyprus to protect some of the world's most mysterious sea creatures and even information gleaned from dead turtles can help.

The prospects for a baby turtle conservation project (MTCP) operating in North Cyprus, is contributing vital data as conservationist and reserchers around the world battle to increase knowledge of those mysterios sea creatures. Two of the world's eight turtle species nest on the beaches of the North Cyprus, each year the loggerhead and the green Both are on the international union fpr the conservation of the Nature's endangered red list.

The MTCP was invited in 18 years ago by the North Cyprus society for the protection of turtles ( spot ) to help them offer protection to nesting females, their eggs and hatchlings, as well as to glean information about the species.

And while increasing the number of live turtles is the aim even dea they can be a source of valuable insights.

Robin snape from swansea university trained enviromental biogist now working for the Exeter university based MTCP said, we get valuable information form autopsies an it is usually the only wat to determine the sex. ninety per cent were female which could be due to global warming or it could be the natural balance or different migration patterns.

Nest temperature during incubation is already known to affect the sex of hatchlings ; higher temperatures produce females. one of Mr Snapers fellow turtle reserchers, PhD student Lucy wright is due to publish her finding next year afer mapping genetic samples of hatchling to determine their paternity and hence how nabt fathers are represeted on the beach.

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