Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Anastacia was in Northern Cyprus at Cratos premium Hotel

World Famous American pop star Anastacia was in Cratos Premium Hotel in Northern Cyprus
World famous American pop star, Anastacia has given a concer at the Cratos Premium Hotel in Kyrenia. She took to the stage on 13 november on the occasion of the Festival of the Sacrifice celebrations at the Cratos Premium Hotel. Wearing a simple, modest black gown and a leopard spotted trencbcoat, she sang the songs which were among her favourites.
She shared her newly acquired Turkish vocabulary with her fans,and presented herself with hearth-warming sincerity, singing twelve of her bit songs.At the end of the concert, Anastacia announced she would return soon to the Cratos Premium Hotel for a vacation.

Notably, Anastacia didnt ask for a special cook for herself and showed a preference for traditional Turkish dishes and drinks like Adana kebap and turnip juice.
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